SushiCat Still Estonia’s 1st Bitcoin Restaurant

SushiCat Serves Delicious Sushi For Bitcoin

SushiCat located in Tallinn, Estonia is known for 3 things:  delicious sushi, beautiful women, and Bitcoin payments. The restaurant made news earlier this year when Estonian politician Silver Meikar, an independent candidate for European parliament paid his SushiCat bill in Bitcoin. He then posted his receipt to Twitter showing “Bitcoin EUR” as the form of payment; the picture went viral.

Estonia is ranked #1 in internet speeds around the world. Additionally, Google Trends shows that the keyword Bitcoin ranks first for Estonia.



SushiCat Payment Process

To pay in Bitcoin at SushiCat, you must first tell the waitress that you wish to settle in Bitcoin. Then you are given an iPhone which has a Bitcoin QR-code programmed with the amount you are supposed to pay. First your own phone must have a Bitcoin wallet and sufficient funds to cover the cost. Then you scan the QR-code with the QR-scanner from your Bitcoin wallet. This brings up the proper amount to send and all you need to do is click send.

Here is a video demonstrating how somebody paid at SushiCat:

SushiCat’s Menu Offerings

The SushiCat menu can be viewed online. Offered are different sushi sets with animals themes such as the Green Cat, Sushi Lion, Spice Cat, and the Double Cat for a large appetite. There are traditional Japanese beers such as Kirin, and Sake Bombs are also available. Prices are quite reasonable as most sets cost between 5 to 10 Euros.

SushiCats In Action

Maybe you are still wondering what the heck is a SushiCat, and where in the world is Estonia? Estonia is a country located in Europe, bordering Latvia and Russia. They use the Euro and it is possible to take a ferry to Helsinki, Finland from Tallinn. As for what a SushiCat is, this video should clarify everything:

Surprisingly, SushiCat is still the only restaurant in Estonia accepting Bitcoin payments according to CoinMap. Hopefully, more Estonian restaurants will start accepting Bitcoin. In the meantime, come visit Tallinn and checkout SushiCat!

Author: Satoshi Nakamoto

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  1. On a recent visit to Tallinn we had the pleasure of eating at SushiCat! The food was delicious, and it was fun to watch our host pay with Bitcoin. Tallinn is such a lovely city and it is a treat to be able to get WiFi everywhere. Three cheers for Estonia!!!

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    • That was submitted by Pep, did not intend to be anonymous, just not too tech savvy 🙂

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