Saint Petersburg Bitcoin Conference Starts December 4

Russia Hosts Bitcoin Conference At Beginning Of December

The Bitcoin news coming out of Russian speaking countries has largely been negative recently, as both Russian and Ukrainian governments have made negative statements about Bitcoin. However, enthusiasm for Bitcoin is extremely high in these countries as the Saint Petersburg Bitcoin Conference will be held on December 4.

BitcoinPriceLive will be speaking at the conference and discussing many aspects of Bitcoin. Our presentation will feature William Ross who will speak about Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin news, and the future of Bitcoin. William holds two degrees in computer science from University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins University. He worked for Lockheed Martin as a software engineer, played poker professionally, and is involved in Bitcoin start-ups now.

William Ross - Saint Petersburg Bitcoin Conference

William Ross – Saint Petersburg Bitcoin Conference

Details About Saint Petersburg Bitcoin Conference

BitcoinPriceLive spoke with the event co-coordinators at the Saint Petersburg Bitcoin Conference to learn more about the conference. Our main interest was to understand how Russian speaking people view Bitcoin. We asked five questions to about the event and learned the following:

1) How did you decide to start a Bitcoin conference?

Bitcoin has been the hottest topic of discussion for the last 1.5 years. There are many rumors, fears, and misunderstandings from regular users and businesses.


Once we all realized the possibilities and prospects of the Bitcoin system, we realized that is made sense to create a Bitcoin themed conference where experts come together from many fields.We plan to have experts who include developers, business people, economists, politicians, and Bitcoin enthusiasts.

2) Is there a lot of interest among Russian speakers in Bitcoin?

Interest in Russia is very high especially amongst technology specialists. We are receiving many requests for participation from potential speakers.

3) There have been conferences in Kiev, Saint Petersburg, and Moscow. Do you have plans to add other locations?

Yes, we plan to continue our current locations and hopefully expand to Europe soon.

4) Does interest in Bitcoin have anything to do with the lower price of the Ruble and Hryvnia?

Definitely, as the Ruble and Hryvnia are very unstable and people want to secure their financial future. Many people are looking for a more stable investment and Bitcoin is the answer for many.

5) Do Russian speakers use the English terms for Bitcoin words, or are these words translated into Russian?

Bitcoin specialists need to know English to understand technical aspects, so they are using a combination of English and Russian usually.

With the Ruble and Hryvnia reaching new lows daily, it is no surprise that interest in Bitcoin is high in Russian speaking countries. Despite this enthusiasm, government leaders have unfortunately reacted negatively to Bitcoin in some cases. Recently there was a story that Ukraine had banned Bitcoin. However, these headlines now appear to be false as it was a bad translation to English, and the central bank was merely warning about the risks of Bitcoin.

Official Agenda Of Saint Petersburg Bitcoin Conference

The details of the Saint Petersburg Bitcoin Conference have already been released publicly and are as follows.

Today everybody is talking about Bitcoin. Someone thinks that this currency will completely change the understanding of payments in the future; someone believes this is “bubble” that will burst loudly and painfully for everybody, who uses this cryptocurrency.


More than 60 representatives from different countries expressed their views about the currency. After numerous allegations against cryptocurrency, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation decided conclusively and irrevocably ban and furthermore impose fines for:


    – mining (emission)

    – distribution of software for mining

    – dissemination of information about mining and use of “surrogates”

    – operations with “surrogates”


Many experts are of the opinion that these penalties will result only in situation when all business in the Russian Federation will “move” to other countries that are not that much categorical when it comes to cryptocurrency.


What do these laws mean for the future of cryptocurrency, what should companies that have built their business on bitcoin do? What should ordinary users of cryptocurrency do: where and how should they use their Bitcoins before the laws will be adopted?


Best experts of Europe and the CIS will provide answers to these and many other questions: on 4 December experts from the Russian Federation,Ukraine, Georgia will meet at the venue of Bitcoin Conference in the northern capital of Russia-St. Petersburg.


Lawyers, financiers, investors and representatives of bitcoin-business industry will share their opinions and experiences.


No small talk, no “water”-only the best practice sfrom recognized guru of crypto currency market.


What we will talk about at Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg:


Analysis of market in the Russian Federationand the CIS countries: where and how cryptocurrencies live best and why;


– Bitcoin prospects and opportunities: B2B and B2C segments.

– Modern technologies and technical aspects of security and work with cryptocurrency: methods of state control of cryptocurrency, countering , possible answers and solutions from the community;

Recent legal changes in the legislation of Russia and other countries;

– Peculiarities of doing business with Bitcoin: what to do with the business in a country where it is banned.


Perhaps this is the last meeting of Bitcoin Community on the territory of the Russian Federation before the law of Ministry of Finance will be adopted. Most relevant topics, the most heated debates – you cannot miss it!


Watch for our announcements and stay informed about the events!

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This concludes our article about the Saint Petersburg Bitcoin Conference. We hope to see you December 4th. Check BitcoinPriceLive for further details about the conference.



Author: Satoshi Nakamoto

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