Mathias Sundin Enters Swedish Parliament From Bitcoins

Swedish Politician Mathias Sundin Accepted Only Bitcoin

Mathias Sundin, the Swedish politician who used only Bitcoin for his donations has been elected to parliament.  His Twitter profile states that he is “The World’s First Political Bitcoin Only Candidate”.  This is the first case proving Bitcoin’s usability to successfully fund a political campaign.  On Sundin’s blog he says:

To promote the spreading of Bitcoin and increase the awareness of new political challenges, I will – as the first political candidate in the world – only accept campaign donations in Bitcoin.


If you want to support my campaign, you can’t give me dollars, euros or Swedish kronor, you must donate in Bitcoins.

Sundin’s blog page shows how people donated to him:

Mathias Sundin Donations

Mathias Sundin Donations

If you are wondering what Mathias Sundin campaigned on, it was to promote technological innovation such as Bitcoin, education, lower taxes, and privacy.  He’s a member of the Liberal People’s Party in Sweden, which is the fourth largest party in the Swedish Riksdag.  On his blog he says that if he gets elected he will:

– Resist knee-jerk regulation of Bitcoin, other digital currencies, and disruptive innovation in general.
– Continue the education reforms in Sweden.
– Help develop a tax system that promotes fast growing, innovating companies.
– Defend your right to privacy.

Discussions about Mathias Sundin and his campaign have been taking place on Reddit Bitcoin in this thread.

Mathias Sundin

Mathias Sundin


Business Insider ran a positive story on Mathias Sundin July 2014 writing:

Sundin said that, as far as he is aware, he is the first political candidate in Sweden to even accept Bitcoin donations, let alone accept them exclusively. In the United States, a pair of Texas politicians—Rep. Steve Stockman and state Attorney General Greg Abbott—made waves when they started accepting Bitcoin.

Sundin’s success with Bitcoin may incentivize other politicians to accept Bitcoin. Many politicians are unaware of how Bitcoin works though, so it may be a long while before accepting Bitcoins is the norm during political seasons.  Sundin commented to Business Insider:

‟I hope that Bitcoin community around the world will take this chance to show how strong it is, if I get well funded, other candidates in other countries will do the same, which could be very important in the future.”

Politicians in the United States have begun accepting Bitcoin as well.  Vocativ published a story on how it’s now legal to support your candidates with Bitcoin.

In America, Bryan Parker is a 2014 candidate for Mayor of Oakland, California also believes in “The Promise of Bitcoin”.  The following video shows Parker speaking about Bitcoin and doing a Bitcoin Fundraiser.

Bitcoin donations may represent a paradigm shift in political campaigns.  If it catches on, the technologically ignorant politician will be a dying breed.

Author: Satoshi Nakamoto

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