BitStash Creates First Consumer Friendly Hardware Wallet For Bitcoin

The First Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Designed To Meet The Government Standards

Many Bitcoin users have run into a simple problem, they need to access their Bitcoins on different devices. This could mean spending Bitcoins from a mobile phone at a payment terminal, sending a payment from desktop, or keeping large amounts of Bitcoins in cold storage. BitStash is attempting to solve this by introducing three tiers of secure storage: Mobile, Home, and Cold Storage. Additionally, the BitStash solution meets the highest government standards for security.

BitStash is working on a new generation of cold storage wallet solutions using the BIP70 payment protocol and BIP32 HD Wallets. The idea is to create three potential points of access for your Bitcoins: Mobile, Home, and Cold Storage.

BitStash Wants To Make Cold Storage Simple

Achieving a true cold storage solution can be complicated. Just searching on Youtube provides tutorials which are often long and complicated; if you mis-understand one detail you could lose your Bitcoins.

The BitStash solution offers true cold storage on a LUKS encrypted USB drive. The device is immune from bad USB malware. Cold storage can only be spent when you plug your wallet USBs into the BitStash device. Shown below is how the BitStash device looks.

BitStash Device

BitStash Device

Desktop And Mobile Options For BitStash

The device wallet resides on the BitStash device itself and is encrypted by your password. You can spend from the device wallet using authenticated client devices like mobile phones and desktops. Malware is protected against by using 2-factor authentication and a unique color captcha.

Like a James Bond movie, theft is protected against by using self destruct circuitry which is only triggered if the device is tampered with. The device does not explode or do anything dangerous, but it just shuts down the relevant circuitry so the device can no longer operate. Wallets are backed up on the USB device as well.

The solution meets the governments toughest data security standard FIPS 140-3. From Wikipedia:

FIPS 140-3 (Draft) is the proposed revision of FIPS 140-2. The draft has a separate section for software security; requires mitigation of non-invasive attacks when validating at higher security levels; introduces the concept of public security parameters; allows the deference of certain self-tests until specific conditions are met; and strengthens the requirements on user authentication and integrity testing.

BitStash is the first portable Bitcoin wallet meeting these government standards.

Reserving A BitStash Device For Yourself

The BitStash device can be pre-ordered from the website. There are 3 potential packages to choose from shown below.

BitStash Products

BitStash Products

BitStash is the first Bitcoin wallet designed to meet the highest government standards. If you are interested in securing your Bitcoins for the future, then check out BitStash today.

Author: Satoshi Nakamoto

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