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How Bitcoin Price Live Started As A Website

Bitcoin Price Live is dedicated to finding elegant and efficient ways to show Bitcoin price charts. We are developing state of the art Bitcoin Price Charts which will be some of the most efficient Bitcoin charting applications in the world.

The Bitcoin Price Live project started as a quest to display the Bitcoin price better.  We liked how BitcoinWisdom looked, but it did not display on mobile and they had no app. Other Bitcoin price charts we discovered were insufficient. Our determination led us to create the Bitcoin Price Live website with a mission to finding the most refined Bitcoin price chart.

While developing the Bitcoin Live Chart, we also began with Bitcoin Games and Bitcoin News.

Bitcoin Price Live Provides Bitcoin News

Our Bitcoin News was created when we could not find accurate opinions about Bitcoin. While CoinDesk was providing many articles a day, they often took the mainstream viewpoint and were censoring comments. Our team wanted something more edgy and critical. We decided right away that controversial discussion would be welcome. It is impossible to understand everything about Bitcoin, so there are bound to be different opinions.

Bitcoin Games allows players to play live games with their Bitcoins. Our team loves to play games, and what better way than to wager with Bitcoin. Any amount can be wagered, since Bitcoin can be broken down to the Satoshi. This allows players to have fun without risking their financial future. No background checks, authorization processes, or charge-backs are big advantages that Bitcoin has.

Are you looking for some good Bitcoin price charts? BitcoinWisdom is displaying the Bitcoin price in many markets and incredible detail. Bitcoinity displays an open order book and BitcoinTicker has a flashy display.

Just starting with Bitcoin? Our Wallet Reviews explains the basic setup. has a great Bitcoin tutorial, there is a Bitcoin wiki page, and which has beginner articles.

Bitcoin Price Live

Bitcoin Price Live