Monday Humor: The Slaying Of A 30k Bitcoin Bear-Whale And Related Implications

10 Indicators Why Bitcoin Will Make You Stupid Wealthy

In the following article we learn why Bitcoin has a great destiny and how the Bitcoin Bear-Whale was slayed today.


Bitcoin Bear-Whale

Bitcoin Bear-Whale

1) Be Like The Pros

Would you trust an investment with Peter Thiel, Tim Draper, Sean Parker, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and the Winklevoss Brothers? Each of these technology celebrities has made recent positive comments about Bitcoin. With the Bitcoin price plunging below 300, you may feel like you are on an episode of Punked with Ashton Kutcher (who also loves Bitcoin). If you are still not convinced, gangster rappers such as Nas and Snoop Dogg are flying high, riding dirty, and keepin’ it real with Bitcoin.

2) Bitcoin Business Network Is Expanding

Circle allows you to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, and now we just need to wait while over-indebted, McDonald’s consuming, degenerate gambling Americans gorge themselves with cheap Bitcoins. Coinbase, BitPay, Overstock, Kraken, PayPal, and Dell… actually it’s getting pretty damn boring listing all the companies now. One day companies will be laughed at for not accepting cryptos.

3) 30k Sell Order On Bitsamp Evaporated (Bitcoin Bear-Whale)

30,000 coins were sold for $300. Either Tim Draper dumped his coins for a 50% loss, or the US government was selling cocaine tainted Silk Road coins.

Bitcoin Bear-Whale

Bitcoin Bear-Whale

As the following video shows the “The slaying of bear-whale! 30k BTC sell order being chewed through!”. Bitcoin Bear-Whale:

4) Mainstream Media Feeding Frenzy

Nasdaq suddenly thinks Bitcoin is a stock and releases a video even more generic than this article. In breaking news, announcements were made yesterday that “Bitcoin to replace gold”. Meanwhile the Bitcoin Talk Forums are off to the races:

Start Your Bitcoin Engines?

Start Your Bitcoin Engines?

5) Bitcoin Reached 100,000,000 Volume In The Past 24 Hours

[ ] Care

[x] Don’t Care

6) Technical Analysis Shows Bullish Signs

The following chart shows something hugely important. The “Strongest Bears Await” somewhere, and the “Weakest Bulls” are waiting somewhere else. Meanwhile the “Strongest Bulls” are sky high.



7) Use Cases For Bitcoin Are Growing

Some guy on Reddit recieved 297 upvotes for mentioning that people are using Bitcoin more than ever: Reddit Thread

8) Europeean Banks Allow Bitcoin Purchases

You can now buy Bitcoins at your European bank. Europeans bankers were already accepting a make believe currency known as the Euro, so they decided to diversify their portfolio.

9) OpenBazaar Will Provide A Mainstream Use For Bitcoin

Stupid people will not understand the difference from Ebay.

10) Bitcoin Is Easier To Obtain Than Ever

Gone are the days where you had to wait 2 weeks at MTGox to verify your deposit, now you can buy from Bitstamp which requires only 5 forms of identification and a mandatory cool-down period so you do not buy too fast. Of course you could go to Circle, but why make it easy?


This concludes our in-depth analysis. In case you are not convinced that Bitcoin is the best investment ever, public opinion agrees 59% that Bitcoin is NOT a scam:





Author: Satoshi Nakamoto

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