The Bitcoin Guru: Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos Is Known As The Guru of Bitcoin

Appearing before the Canadian Senate this past week, Andreas Antonopoulos has done a great service to the Bitcoin community. His mission was to better explain cryptocurrencies to the 12 members Canadian board. Running almost two hours, Antonopoulos never once looses his composure as he brilliantly explains the intricacies of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Cornered by some questions to take an emotional or political stand, the Bitcoin Guru stands firm. To watch the entire video click play below.



Main Points Of The Bitcoin Guru

Rarely are technological genius and speaking ability combined together. Andreas Antonopoulos is the exception, as he can explain Bitcoin to non-technical people with incredible elegance. Speaking on the current system and its pitfalls, the Guru says,

“This system is non-viable … I am not only giving up my privacy, but endangering my personal financial security”

This video may set a new precedent for Bitcoin technology, as the Canadian senate fawns over Antonopoulos’ genius many times. Surprisingly, the Senate seems highly interested in what he has to say, and the questions come from a curious nature, rather than the normal hostility the Bitcoin community receives from the political sphere. In fact, the Senate asks Antonopoulos repeatedly how the technology should be regulated and what promises the Bitcoin holds.

Andreas Antonopoulos - Bitcoin Guru

Andreas Antonopoulos – Bitcoin Guru

Canadians are looking to avoid the mistakes America has already made with the New York BitLicense, as these disastrous regulations not only make the legal situation of Bitcoin unclear, but show that the American regulators are totally clueless about the technology underlying Bitcoin.

Even some of the senators are appear highly educated about crypto-currencies, as one Senator understands the dangerous implications of government centralized systems. It is quite amazing to see a group of politicians that understands what a peer-to-peer decentralized system means. One Canadian Senator, Ghislain Maltais (Quebec) envisions how threatened the banks are by Bitcoin. Maltais says,

The Banks, will let this go by without reacting. Banks aren’t going to let them selves be dispossessed? Because Bitcoin isn’t a solid operation, it’s a virtual one.

With the Canadian Senate understanding the implications of Bitcoin so well, could it be possible Canada becomes the next Bitcoin friendly country?

The Master, Andreas Antonopoulos

Guru is a Sanskrit term meaning “teacher” or “master”. On his personal website, Andreas Antonopoulos sees himself fitting into five categories: Coder, Entrepreneur, Commentator, Public Speaker, and Writer. His claim to be a writer and coder can easily be verified as he is releasing a 500+ page book this November called Mastering Bitcoin. The book can be purchased online at Amazon or bought online elsewhere in Bitcoin.

His public speaking ability is well-known, and he has appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcasts multiple times before.

On his Twitter page, Andreas Antonopoulos has been to 33 countries and counting in addition to describing himself as:

Security guy, entrepreneur, coder, hacker, pundit, humanist, pacifist. Working on crypto-currencies, writing the bitcoin book

But how did the Guru, get to become the Guru? First he earned a degree from London’s Global University in computer science with an emphasis on distributed systems. Over 200 articles have been published by him on topics including computer security, cloud computing, and data centers.

His expertise areas include Bitcoin, cryptography, robotics software, linux, cloud computing, and information security. For 12 years, Antonopoulos has been certified as CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

Three Bitcoin companies have been founded by Andreas Antonopoulos and several Bitcoin-related open source projects have received his blessing. He writes articles about Bitcoin frequently, and is a permanent host on Let’s Talk Bitcoin. Additionally, he is the Chief Security officer of Antonopoulos is available for consulting.

Expect big things out of Andreas Antonopoulos, The Bitcoin Guru.

Author: Satoshi Nakamoto

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